Mangled Engish Seen on T-shirts in Japan

We're making famous brand
Eruner Sports Gril

Ketchup boy

Under the lemon tree

Beach's life

I made a ice and tried to eat
by stealth but I could only
get bit' a cream

Tea for two - my favorite love and peace

Peace lucky

It is a party!!
Let's try to count it
wil all from now
Saru Logos

We are crazy. God bless you.

Dog mail.
Letter is important to me.

Benign cadgy

How many mouths in a year?

I don't like very much to be "sticky" about things

This is funny
Find a culture that you are
Are you comfortable so far?

Star Dogs: Episode Wan

Rashed and keen. What's next is to bite with the speed of growing animal
and disappear into the darkest of wildest dreams.

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